Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tune Tuesday - Paris Edition

So I know I said I would return to blogging after finals, but I got swept up in planning a trip that I had very much neglected.....and then I set off for FRANCE!
So to celebrate my arrival in The City of Love, I've decided to share a montage of Paris songs.
A few are not in English, but Yael Naim is amazing even in Hebrew, obviously threw in some French, and lastly some Rammstein dedicated to one of my travel friends, Natalie.

Planning on touring Paris tomorrow, so I will share pictures of that ASAP. Hope that now that I'm settled in one place for the next couple months I should be able to hop back on the blogging train.  I can't promise anything.  But I will do my bestest ;) I missed the blog world terribly!