Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tune Tuesday - Band of Horses

I freaking love love love band of horses...like words can't express how much I love the lead singers voice...the variation in genres...pretty much everything about this group...

No one's gunna love you was stuck in my head all day yesterday, so I thought I would share it.  Although I hope it doesn't leave my head because it's like the perfect song to have on repeat.

This week also starts another week of music (as long as Carla doesn't fall asleep in the middle of the concerts....she thinks she's superwoman despite still recovering from major surgery...pretty sure that's why I love her so :) so be prepared for some lovely tidbits from the shows we catch!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Sometimes I like horoscopes!

So at dinner my mom randomly started reading horoscopes...I've never heard my mother take interest in them before...but today she felt the need to share mine and my fathers...my dad said he didn't need to hear his cause it would just be what he wanted it to be cause he's an Aries, instead it told him to stop assuming he knows what's going to happen and stop and maybe learn something, which made us all giggle and mine said:

You seem to understand far more than many people do. In a sense, you are a role model, as you frequently make the proper decision and head in the correct direction.  A meeting demonstrates the optimism that others associate with you.

...I've been telling my parents I know everything for years, thanks Edmonton Journal for finally giving me published proof ;)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Thank god for weekends.

So I had a terrible week.  I have no idea what made it terrible, except that I felt super stressed and anxious all week, and I couldn't shake it.  Thankfully my fantastic friends saved me this weekend.  I may have become an agoraphobe without them.

So I had a terrible week.  I have no idea what made it terrible, except that I felt super stressed and anxious all week, and I couldn't shake it.  Thankfully my fantastic friends saved me this weekend.  I may have become an agoraphobe without them.
Friday study dates with Sarah picked up again.  Is it strange that I look forward to studying?  Probably cause it's with such lovely company...and to be quite honest I did 8 minutes of homework.....and then we chatted till the wee hours, despite being totally asphyxiated by her dog smudge's farts.  

 Saturday was the return of Carla.  (She abandon us over the summer to be the most amazing person ever and donate her kidney to her little sister...you can read about it on her blog here.)
The night was filled with laughter, free drinks, lots of cleavage photos.....and ended with pizza, and a fantastic conversation (drunk ones are always my favorite :)

 Sunday I got a lovely visit from my old roommate Brenna.  I had missed her terribly, and it was amazing to get to spend time with her.  We went for brunch at my favorite restaurant...sadly I did not order the best thing on the menu (first time I have EVER been disapointed there)...but Brenna's company totally made up for it.  We then wandered around the area, and found a cute little boardwalk that we explored.  And then we picked up some delicious desserts at the Wild Earth Bakery and OMG...I wish I bought more...I think I might have to stop by there tomorrow after school...........

Now I am putting off doing the last of my homework, and as it is almost 11:30 I may never get to sleep........guess I should stop procrastinating now!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

30 Days of Me - Day 30!

Final Post!

My favorite song.....
YOU READY FOR THIS?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

It's been my favorite song since the 3rd grade. I will always love Ace of Base!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tune Tuesday - Blinded By The Lights

This song was shown to me by my little brother a few years ago, and we were listening to it yesterday so I thought I would share it.  I have a thing for English music...especially rap. Something about their accent makes it kind of fantastic.

30 Days of Me - Day 29

In this passed month what have you learned.
That posting everyday on my blog is HARD!  But only because living life got in the way, and I'm totally okay with that!

30 Days of Me - Day 28

A picture of me a year ago and today...How have I changed?
 Well this picture was taken right before school started last year while in Colombia with my friend Sarah...It was kind of a huge transitioning period for me...I moved home after living on my own for 5 years to start school for the 3rd time (I'm thinking of being a professional student, I'm really good at it!) and getting my life back on track after making some HUGE changes.  So I guess I've kind of settled into things since then.  Solidified a lot of friendships, and reconsidered others.  Really tried to establish who I am, and what I need out of life.  It's been a wicked year! Challenging, but overall it's been incredibly positive! The current picture was taken two weekends ago with my friend Peter.

30 Days of Me - Day 27

Why am I doing this blog challenge.
Because it seemed like something fun to do!  It was also a good way to share some stuff about myself to the 4 people who read this that I don't know.  Only 3 more to go!

30 Days of Me - Day 26

What do I think of my friends?
This is the weirdest question I have ever been asked...
Obviously I love them or they wouldn't be my friends.  They are all ridiculously supportive, inspiring and all around hilarious.  They keep me sane, and push me forward toward my dreams. 
One of my good friends just gave her kidney to her sister (how amazing is that?), I have two that are expecting little bundles of joy.  a handful that have already started adorable little families.  And some that are hitting the books like me!  I couldn't be more proud to call all of them my friends.  Plus the fact that they can all tolerate my crazy makes me feel that much more special!  I LOVE EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU!

ps...my friends are pretty awesome mostly because they get to hang out with me ;)  HEHEHEHEHE JUST KIDDING...but not really.

30 Days of Me - Day 25

What I would find in your bag...
....Starting left going right....
1. Cold FX
2. first aid kit
3. epi pen (I'm allergic to something, but not really sure what....)
4. inhaler
5. candy necklace from my friend Andrea's Penis Pinata at her stagette
6. Stride gum
7. Excel mints
8. running mitts/gloves
9.  3 Burt's Bees chapstick
10. Mac Lustreglass in Lustrewhite
11. 2 Mac lipsticks in Fabby and Lustering
12. Avojuice hand lotion in Coconut Melon Juicie
13. antibacterial wipes
14. brush
15. Earrings

16. Alice in Wonderland mirror

17. comb
18. headband
19. wallet...that I never use
20. mini wallet I take everywhere
21. keys
22. 3 tampons
23. 5 condoms that made their way into my purse after Andrea's stagette....(we blew up the rest of box)
24. iPod + headphones

missing...my camera cause I had to take pictures with it. haha

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fact Friday! - a little early


If you were to eat a full 11oz bag of Lay’s Classic potatoes chips, you would receive 110% of your recommended daily amount of Vitamin C.

...so why do people keep telling me chips are bad for me?....that's about as much as an orange.  No wonder I rarely get sick hahahahaha............mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm chipppppppps

30 Days of Me - Day 24

A letter to my parents...I'll keep this brief because I have a habit of turning letters into novels...

Mom and Dad,

I would be lost without you both.  I couldn't have asked for more supportive, loving, all around amazing parents.  Who else would let their 24 year old move home to attend school for the 3rd time? You are the reason I am who I am.  I only hope one day I can be as fabulous of a parent as you both are. 

Love Always,

30 Days of Me - Day 23

Something you crave a lot.....
and or McDonalds. 

But lately frozen yogurt....I would take any of those 3 right @ this second actually!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tune Tuesday - Plants and Animals

Their La La Land album has been on repeat in my car for the last two weeks.  It's SO GOOD.  I think they might be one of my favorite groups right now.  Plus as an always lovely bonus, they're Canadian, from Montreal in fact.  Other song worth checking out - The Mama Papa. Seriously I LURVE Plants and Animals!!!!!!!!!

30 Days of Me - Day 22

What makes me different from everyone else?...
wow that's a long list....mostly there aren't too many people as ridiculous as I am.  I'm just plain different.  In fact my friend's husband said it's going to take quite the guy to fall in love with all my quirks....it's true.  I'm terrifically weird :)  Oh well.  I like me, and that's all that matters! 

....the amount of pictures of me like this is ridiculous......hot right?

Monday, September 13, 2010

30 Days of Me - Day 21

A picture of something that makes you smile.
I freaking love Shirley Temples...especially ones from Swiss Chalet because they come with a sword!...I drank like 5 of them at Andrea's wedding last week...I just can't get enough!!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

All caught up :)

well...almost.  I should be doing my homework right now but instead I'm watching Killers or the Killers or something, and updating my blog haha! I am the queen of procrastination!  It's been a busy freaking week! 

My good friend Andrea married the man of her dreams on Tuesday, and it was a beautiful!!!
Super simple but amazingly elegant.  I am so happy for both of them :)

Then I started school on Wednesday, and well it's going to be a rather boring semester...fingers crossed I'm wrong about that one...but I have a feeling it's going to be all work and no play till December :(

I'll post about my weekend once I get a hold of some other pictures.

30 Days of Me - Day 20

Someone you see yourself marrying or being with in the future.......

A girl can dream right?!

30 Days of Me - Day 19

Nicknames and why.....oh wow there's a lot.....and they're all terrible...ly AWESOME......
Starting at the beginning...
1. Nicholls - My last name, there were 3 Kristen's in my class in Elementary, so even my teachers called me Nicholls.
2. Pickles - Because it rhymed with Nicholls.
3. Picks - Short for Pickles (My friends in Junior High actually called my house and asked for Picks)
4. Sir Picks A lot - don't even ask, I think they just liked to give me bad nicknames
5. Krustonian - .....your guess is as good as mine
6. Krusty - ...even my godson uses this one (I think it's short for Krustonian, but I'm not really sure......), he's 4 and he thinks it's HILARIOUS....Thanks Sarah and Kylee...
7. Krusty Queen of the Lame-O Treehuggers - or something like that...my friend Colin combined a lot of things he liked to call me into one...it's quite the title.
8. Kris - I don't like this one...but people just like to shorten names.
9. Christine - because that's what my name sounds like when you're french...
10. Princess - because my Nana still thinks I'm that special :)
11. Captain Complaino - This is one of my favorites.  
Update - 12. Krystal Nipples - Thanks Terra, how could I even forget this one?!  It even has a wicked story behind it!!!!! (I actually received a package mis-addressed to Krystal Nepples (BEST TYPO EVER!) @ work, but it transformed itself to Krystal Nipples for obvious reasons).  THANKS PEMBINA :) I EVEN HAVE A T-SHIRT!!!!!!

That's all I can remember...if you remember anymore leave a comment and I'll add it...Oh how I LOVE nicknames hahaha

30 Days of Me - Day 18


FINISH SCHOOL!...really that is my only goal at this point in time.  Oh and I REALLY hope I can spend the summer/fall in France next year.  Anything else that happens in the mean time is an added bonus!

30 Days of Me - Day 17

Someone you would like to change lives with for a day and why........
Someone with the answers to my exams so I can do REALLY REALLY WELL....

...school is so boring so far...I hope it gets better because boring makes for me being very unmotivated or attentive in class.

30 Days of Me - Day 16

Another picture of me!

Sarah and I at my friends Andrea and Bryan's Wedding :)  
AND MY NEW RED HAIRS!!! (yea I said hairs...its the cool thing to do!)
I really should have taken a better picture of my hair...but I never remember. 

Thursday, September 9, 2010


I'm way behind on everything...and I just started school yesterday.  I have to play catchup before they actually give us work to do or I'll be way behind in school, and well that's just never a good idea.  SO..sadly my blog will have to wait for some updates.  Hopefully I will post soon :)

<3 Kristen

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Tune Tuesday - Take us for cola

This week, one of my happy songs! I lurve the Fratellis. Their music is super upbeat and lovely.

Monday, September 6, 2010

How to acheive 1000+ followers

So I was over on Niceties and Alice had decided to share a little incite on how to become an elite blogger.

  1. Have an Etsy shop.
  2. Have a super-cute face, and preferably dimples. If they don’t come naturally, there’s a stud for that.
  3. Get some tattoos. See FYT for inspiration.
  4. Get a cat or a dog. Bonus points for having several of either.
  5. Live with your boyfriend. Better yet, get married before graduation.
  6. Possess a large collection of cameras, and ensure you hold one in each hand at all times. Bonus follower-points for using your cameras to take photos of your other cameras. (Those without the ability to collect cameras can source all images from WHI, at your own peril)
  7. Be really, really organised. In your super cute little house, especially. And make sure to take a lot of photos demonstrating you organisational skills every time you clean up.
  8. Those with incredible “thinking-ahead” skills, pre-arrange to be named Kaelah upon birth. Alternative two-syllable first names are acceptable, though not favoured.
  9. Allow your week to revolve around weekends, where you have 48 hours of thrifting opportunity (here we call it ‘op-shopping’, but let’s face it, no one in blogging-world is very interested in what words “arsy arsy little Alice” uses). Don’t forget your cameras!
  10. Never ever ever post anything that could even remotely offend a fellow blogger.
Pretty sure it was the funniest thing I read all weekend.  Thanks Alice, I hope that one day I can use your wisdom to go from 6 followers all the way to 1000!  

30 Days of Me - Day 15

Put your iPod on shuffle, and share the first 10 songs.

1. Chasing Pavements - Adele
2. Teresa - Citizen Cope (well it's actually the prelude to it..but same difference)
3. Again and Again - Keane
4. Back of the Van - Ladyhawke
5. Lord Leopard - Caribou
6. Slide In (DFA Remix) - Goldfrapp
7. Salesman at the Day of the Parade - Rogue Wave
8. Some Things Last a Long Time - Beach House
9. Little Sadie - Crooked Still
10. You Give Me Something - Jamiroquai

...that would actually make a decent playlist.

30 Days of Me - Day 14

I skipped day 13...no need to air out my dirty laundry...on that note I find it funny that no one else who I know that is doing this participated in day 13 either.

Day 14 is a picture of my family. This is from last summer at my childhood best friend's wedding.  Ray is my younger brother despite him being taller than all of us.  This is my favorite picture of us.  We don't tend to take many family photos, and most of the ones we have are from my awkward teenage years.  I like to pretend they don't exist!

Friday, September 3, 2010

30 Days of Me - Day 12

How I found out about blogger...and why I have one.

I do NOT remember how I found out about blogger.  I think it popped up in my google search for blog sites?
I started this blog in 2007 (and then resumed in 2009) to showcase my knitting.  But well I suck at finishing things, so I lost interest, and time and quit.  I've had like 4 blogs......they all failed...but then a friend of mine was showing me a few blogs she read regularly, (A Beautiful Mess and Angry Chicken)  and I got inspired to pick it up again. And this time I was dedicated to keeping it up. Really it was to avoid doing homework....And now I update it because my friends keep asking me to write more so they had something to read at work...(who knew they cared? hahahahaha).

Oh...and you should check out this song...my friend Carla just posted it on my Facebook page...and I'm kind of IN LOVE!

Fact Friday

...oh Twitter you are so helpful!

The first music video aired on MTV was “Video Killed the Radio Star” by the Buggies. Here's the SUPER 80s video --> http://bit.ly/b4XcA9

...but actually you can watch it here! 


...such a badly awesome video! I LOVE HIS SUNGLASSES!

..p.s I have 5 whole followers :)  thanks to all 5 of you!  It makes me feel a little cooler!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Lovely Giveaway

Melly Kay over @ Cute Stew is giving away like 10 cool things. 
My favorites are...

 This cute plushie from ThisYearsLove

 and this Mini Camera!

Go check it out!!!

My New Best Friend....

I discovered this place in Sherwood Park called Twisted Yogurt...it might have been like 20 minutes out of the way, but it was SO WORTH IT!......I can't wait for the ones in the city to open so I don't have to drive all the way to the 'burbs to get some. 
And yes those are mini eggs....HOW AWESOME IS THAT?!?!?!...I finished it before I even got home.....YUM!

30 Days of Me - Day 11

Post another picture of you and your friends.

....this was taken @ my birthday....and I freaking LOVE it!

30 Days of Me - Day 10

so I totally fell asleep mid post...guess the nyquil worked faster than I anticipated...I am slowly recovering from a killer cold...I can't wait to be healthy!

Songs you listen to when you're happy, sad, bored, hyped, mad....I LIKE THIS ONE :)
Happy - pretty much anything.  Favorite artists right now...Beach House, Fink, Coeur de Pirate, Fever Ray.
Sad - When I'm sad I find myself listening to Adele on repeat...something about her voice helps me sort out whatever's bothering me.
Bored - I tend to look for new music when I'm bored....I've found Bon Iver, Grace Potter and the Nocturnals, Mirah, and Martina Topely Bird for example.
Hyped - I LOVE electropop.  Dragonette, Ladyhawke, La Roux, Goldfrapp
Mad - I listen to System of a Down.  Screaming along releases a lot of the anger.

 and just a random clip...this guy blew my mind when I heard him on the show a few years ago.  I like to give him props every now and then.  You can skip the first minute.