Sunday, February 27, 2011

In the bag - BUMP BUMP

So this was my all time favorite Disney short as a kid...we had it recorded and I used to watch it over and over and over. I still hum the tune every now and then.  I didn't even think of Youtubing it...but then I found it on Cuppy's blog! She's my swap partner for the Tacky Souvenir Swap. This totally made my Sunday morning (well...afternoon haha)

I ♥ it

These amazing sunglasses from Oregon company Shwood - Discovered on Hivenn

Warby Parker Glasses - Discovered on Our City Lights
It's like TOMS Shoes but with glasses...and they're cheap. I don't even wear glasses and I want them...

Umm they even have a monocle?...I want it purely for funtastical value!

This super cute Nail DIY on Pamplemousse  I've become nailpolish obsessed lately...

This awesome Braided Hex Nut Bracelet's kind of magic!

What are you loving?

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Looking for a new dress?

You should definitely check out Red Velvet on March 1st.  These dresses are freaking ADORABLE!!!...and this video is the cutest video I ever saw...

Red Velvet Lookbook // Spring 2011 from elsie flannigan on Vimeo

I love the black velvet one!  Which is your favorite?

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I ♥ Science - Kevin Van Aelst

I found the picture of these amazing mitosis donuts  on Kyla's blog and they totally made my day.  Despite hating my genetics class, this is exactly what I have been learning. Kevin Van Aelst has a pretty amazing take on photography.  It makes the nerd in me, giggle extra hard :)

Don't these chromosomes look delicious?! It's kind of the crazy how close this one looks to an image in my textbook.....although those ones are a little less sugary haha.

SCIENCE IS FUN...yea I just said that...I spent the last two days at the WISEST Choices conference, an opportunity for Grade 6 girls to get exposed to the awesome that is science. I am getting SO excited to be closer to the day when I get to teach!...although I do have to say that elementary school is really starting to appeal more than the original plan of high school.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Put a bird on it

So my old roomie B-Ren told me about this video on our last viet/chapters/movie date when I was in Calgary last.  I totally forgot about it till I ran across it on Paper Sparrow today.  Seriously this video is hilarious...especially since while we were in Chapters, half of the home stuff they sold....had a bird on it...

You should check out all of the Portlandia videos...they are hilarious, and make me miss my former home and favoritestestest city ever, Portland, OR.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Tune Tuesday - Mother Mother

*I got a little excited and accidentally posted this a day! Tune Tuesday is Tune Monday this week hahaaha*

From the first time I heard Mother Mother on the radio I was hooked.  O My Heart was my favorite song for months and months, and then I finally got a chance to see them open for Matthew Good 2 years ago.  They've come a long way and are releasing their 3rd album - Eureka on March 15th.  I talked Carla into going to their upcoming show with me...and due it being at a crummy venue in Edmonton we decided to roadtrip it down to Calgary!  I cannot WAIT till April! 

Here's the first single off their new album...I am in love.  I cannot wait to hear more!

'oh you're a handful - I forgot about handfuls' made me giggle so much when I heard it.  And now I just want to say 'It's like paradise - spread out with a butter knife' all the time...I think it might become my new catch phrase :)

Here are a couple other songs that I love by them :)

Friday, February 18, 2011

Life is Like a Mop

So last week my bestie Sarah and I were visiting our friends Lindsay and Ryan and their beautiful daughter Cassia.  Lindsay started talking about their cat Riot, and how he really likes to rub up against dirty mops.  The conversation went on for at least 10 minutes, and Sarah started to get this really awkward confused look on her face. Then all of a sudden, Sarah goes, Ryan that is REALLY creepy.  Turns out instead of hearing Riot...Sarah heard Ryan.  And for 10 minutes thought Ryan had a weird mop fetish, and could not for the life of her figure out why Lindsay was sharing this with us.  I laughed for at least 10 minutes, and actually every time I think about this, it makes giggle.  Ryan decided to share this video with me as a kind of made my day :)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tune Tuesday - Calm Asa Coma

So I went to see Michael Bernard Fitzgerald (MBF for short) Saturday night, and discovered a new favorite artist.  I was so disapointed in the crowd for not giving them more appreciation, but seriously 10 seconds into their set and I was dancing my butt off.  They're from Calgary, like MBF so the fact they're local makes them that much cooler! Also the fact that they didn't run away after we totally harassed them like crazy groupies makes them kind of awesome as well. 

(this is the only video I could find with decent sound quality...check their myspace for some more songs!)

...a little shenanigans...(I love random band videos...they are better than actual music videos!)

In other news MBF was freaking fantastic! He puts on quite the performance, and did not disappoint, here's a catchy tune by the lovely Michael Bernard Fitzgerald (I shared my favorite song of his here).

...I also just wanted to add how excited I am for Arcade Fire! Yay to good music getting the recognition it deserved! Mumford & Sons and the Avett Brothers was also phenomenal! So many good performances this year!

Monday, February 14, 2011

I had a lovely night with one of my favorite ladies.  She bought me chocolates, and I got her flowers...we're true dorks!  I've been studying to I can't upload pictures...but I will share this weekend...hopefully!

Did you have a magical day?

P.S I'm super excited for Tune Tuesday...don't forget to stop by and check it out!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Swagger Wagon

So I used to drive a minivan...k wait that's a lie.  I've owned 2 minivans.  People like to make fun of me, for some reason they think calling me a soccer mom hurts my feelings.  They don't realize how useful being 17 and having a minivan was, or how it makes moving 8 times in 5 years so much easier.  This video just proves how awesome owning a minivan is.  You should watch it.  It's the cool soccer mom thing to do.

...I'm not gunna lie...I kind of have a crush on the swagger wagon dad..
Thanks Sarah for sharing your school learnings with me :)

6 Confessions

Sorry for my lack of is stupid busy, and I've been feeling a tad lazy.  To make up for it I thought I would share 6 secrets about can't tell anyone kay?

1. I can't say no to sushi...if someone wants to go, I will cancel plans to make it work.  It's becoming a problem since I'm allergic to soy and should not consume soy sauce...but I don't care I will eat it till it kills me.

2. I have an addiction to buying and hoodies......I dislike summer because I can't wear them...I have more sweaters than shirts to wear under them.

3. I hate taking showers.  I take them, but I will put it off for days if I can get away with it.

4. I hate phones.  I've needed to get my hair done for a month, but I keep putting it off simply because I don't want to call and make an appointment. Don't call me...I will NOT answer.

5. I will however respond to texts/emails/social networking within seconds...I am attached to my BlackBerry, and would die without it...seriously though, I dropped it in a puddle on Friday and almost had a panic attack...

6. I hate sandwiches but love Subway.  I don't know how to explain this's just true.

...Thanks Leah-Anne for the idea :)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tune Tuesday - Donovan Woods

I was at my friend Carla's house last week trying to get things done for a baby shower...and despite her being a huge help she shared this song with me...and then we listened to it on repeat for like 5's actually playing while I'm typing this...I am in love with Donovan Woods voice! Sadly he's not touring...seeing him live would be fantastic!  In the mean time I shall try and track down a copy of this album.

Here are some other songs of his. They are also pretty amazing...

I have been having a bad day, and I'm not going to lie...listening to his voice has totally just put me in a better mood.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Freezing Man in Pictures

OMG...I had SUCH a good time on Saturday! So much music, spinny rides and lots of lovely friends! 

These 3 have become my concert buddies! Erin and Jeremy are sometimes accompanied by their adorable children...we always have a blast together!

We decided to add one more to the mix...I think she might get addicted to concert going....(fingers crossed!) The more the merrier!

And the rides....soooo much funnnn!...Jenn didn't like going on this with me so much.....I wouldn't stop the spinning, and since we were the only people on the ride, they kept it going and going and going and going....There was also some swings!

I also ran into my brother and his friends, and we took a spin on the Gravitron...probably not the best idea when booze is in the mix...HOWEVER

 Greasy delicious pizza made everything better! I was a truely magical night!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tune Tuesday - Freezing Man

I had so much fun at the first ever Freezing Man Festival on Saturday!  Incredible artists mixed with crazy rides and lovely friends!  Sadly I didn't make it through the whole concert due to a little too many rides mixed with a few too many drinks....but what I did see was AWESOME!  Here are some tracks of the bands that played!  I can't wait till next year :)

Sorry for the quality...I didn't make it till Stars took the stage, and serious kudos to Amy for doing a 45 minute set, 8 months pregnant in 4 inch heels (...they were the prettiest shoes EVER). My friend got their set list, and we all bought shirts and got them signed afterward...I have a ridiculous collection of band tees...I try and get one at every show!

It was so good to hear live music again!  Hitting up Michael Bernard Fitzgerald in a few weeks!  I lurve live music :)

I will post pictures tomorrow!

btw...I've given up on Movie Mondays...I don't like writing them, it feels like a book report...PLUS I got film for my instax mini, s I am going to be hopping on the 52 weeks of instax boat!  I can't wait to start snapping pictures with it!!!!!!!