About Me

I am an extremely weird and slightly crazy, 25 year old Massage Therapist/Education student.  I enjoy listen to music and watching endless amounts of TV and lots and lots of movies.  When I'm not studying or massaging clients, I try and fit in some knitting or crocheting, as well as taking on endless amounts of crafting projects that I never seem to finish.  I am the worlds best procrastinator (I should be doing homework as I'm typing this) and tend to be a bit of a wise ass. I have a habit of always being right and am not afraid to let people know this.  I could eat until I died, but I really try to avoid dying...however I don't lack much self control when it comes to chips...they are my weakness.  I hate people who drive like idiots, and ignorance and will not hesitate to voice my opinions on these matters.  However I generally try to be thoughtful and kind.  I am quite the night owl, and one of my favorite things to do is swing under the stars.  I love to travel, and find it hard to stay in the same place for long periods of time.  Despite this I always seem to return home to Edmonton between my adventures.