Thursday, January 28, 2010

New Years Resolution

My New Year's Resolution for 2010 was simply to make good choices to better myself inside and out as I've been rather terrible over the last six months. Studying has kept me on the couch with out any motivation to exercise or even knit.  2010 is the year of ME!....some things I've already started on:

Flossing - mostly this is to avoid all the scaling I have to endure @ the dentist...probably my least favorite thing ever.  So far I have kept this up for about 2 weeks!  We'll see how long that friend Jenn is on my case about it, so I think I'll make this as permanent as brushing! (I seriously want to try this cupcake floss...wonder where I can find it?!)


My largest accomplishment this January has been saying goodbye to my good friend McDonalds. I don't know what it is about this greasy non-food that I find simply irresistible, but I am LOSING my mine without it.....I am hoping to get to the point where I can simply have this as a lovely hangover cure, but at this point I am steering clear of even the ice cream........(btw I totally had these toys, and am now beginning to wonder what happened to all the junky McDonalds toys I collected over the years!)

My most difficult feat has been quitting smoking.  I have one more day until I am banned from cheating ever again.....I have a feeling I will be avoiding anyone I know who smokes for a month or 2 to get through this.  I'm totally fine if there is no temptation, but the second someone lights up a smoke in front of me I forget I'm even trying to quit. I am determined to make this the year I give this stupid habit up forever....

But to take advantage of my newly healing lungs I have decided to incorporate some easy exercise into my life.  I figured the best way to start was a video game....something I can do during study breaks!  I was going to purchase a Wii Fit until my friend Sarah recommended EA Sports Active to me.  So this weekend I am picking it up and as of Monday I am going to try and fit this in as much as I can manage.  We'll see how that goes.........
I'm hoping to incorporate one new thing each month for the rest of the year.  Haven't decided what the next thing will be....

Sunday, January 24, 2010

.......Gimme Gimme Gimme

I just found this posted on Bluebird Vintage and I want it NOW!  Drink and snack in same package?!?!? Where can I get this amazingness?!?!?!?!?!?!....I've been on a serious snack binge the last week, and I think this is going to drive me nuts until I taste it (I have a feeling the drink won't taste as good as I am dreaming....) 
Any ideas on how I can get my hands on this PLEASE let me know!

Oui Oui la Fac!

(my mom got me that hat for Christmas...I'm pretty sure it was my favorite's SO soft and fluffy!...warm too!)

Finally got around to uploading pictures from my trip to Golden with school. I miss it there already! We ate at this cute little diner,

wandered around town,

and hung out at the ski resort (but I was WAY to hungover to do any kind of mountain activies....)

I managed to make a few new friends, and can't wait to find a reason to head back out in that direction. I love how even after a crazy weekend, just being in the fresh air makes you feel refreshed and alive!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I'm still in shock over the disaster in Haiti. My mother and I have been racking our brains as to the many ways we can help the situation. We've decided on a cash donation to the red cross, but I've found a few other ways to make a difference.

Elle's Studio is doing an auction for a bunch of lovely paper goodies and stamps. Proceeds are going to World Vision, so stop by an make a bid!

Also a friend of a friend is selling yoga clothing. All proceeds are going to support Haiti relief. You can find pictures of her clothing on Facebook and message her to make your order. I think I'm going to buy a couple things myself.

I am really happy to see that despite this terrible situation, people are really coming together to support one another! It's really inspiring :)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


My friend Jenn loves baking, and has the neatest cupcake cookbooks...

...since she showed them too me I can't get enough of how amazing one can make a cupcake. I need her to teach me the art of icing...I can't bake a cupcake, and put some icing on it...but I don't think I have the talent to turn then into little works of edible art...
here are a few to be inspired by...the last one is my favorite :)



Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Finally got some knitting done over the holidays. It was really nice to get back to it.

Double Knitted Headband
for my brother Ray...gotta love the funny faces he's such a goof

Found the pattern on Ravelry for free

Legwarmers for myself :)
I am not 100% impressed with them...probably should have made them a little smaller, but all in all they will do their job, and they look perdy!

and this weekend I am hoping to get a start on this knitted mug cozy while I'm in lovely BC for the Fac Ski Trip...I'll have some pictures of that adventure...and hopefully this finished next week :)

Found the pattern free on Ravelry
Mug and French Press Jacket by MK Carroll

Monday, January 11, 2010


I want one...or two of these SO BAD...prettiest bookshelf I have ever seen in my life!!!!!!


...if you're ever looking for something to buy me?!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Calgary New Year

Had a blast on my trip to Calgary last week. Got in a couple movies with my old roommates (Avatar and Princess and the Frog...both were really really good!), had some delicious food, played a lot of games AND had some snow fun with Jessie, Sandro and the girls...even though it was TERRIBLY cold!

I think my favorite thing to do in the snow is make snow angels! They make me feel like a kid again!!
Miss you all already...I'll be back to visit soon :)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Thought I would start the new year with another attempt at blogging.......
Keeping it short, with a little project I'm working on. Making a collage of vintage frames and silhouettes of friends, thought it would be a lovely way to showcase the people I love...haven't really gotten past the idea stage...working on taking some pictures to edit...hoping to have this done by March.