Thursday, July 29, 2010

Week of Music

BEST WEEK EVER!  Thanks to a fab new friend, I have already been to two concerts this week, and heading to another tomorrow!  Thought I would share a playlist of the 6 bands I will have seen by the end of the week!  The best part is, they are all Canadian.  So proud of the Canadian indie music coming out these's kind of amazing.

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...btw...the lead singer in the burning hell is the best ukulele player I have ever heard...seriously he rocks it better than most people rock a guitar.  It BLEW my mind. 

Thursday, July 22, 2010

I think last night you were driving circles around me

I LOVE this song...I'm pretty sure it's better than the original by Kristin Hersh.  His voice is so captivating...I couldn't find a good video of this as it's just a cover...and all the videos are related to Grey's Anatomy so I thought you could look at his cute face for four minutes. This boy I went on a couple dates with introducted me to Greg's music...I may never see that boy again, but I am SO thankful he shared this with me!  Sometimes dating has some perks...went on another date tonight...that guy contributed this to my life....needless to say...I don't think there will be a date #2....

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tune Thursday - Oooo La La

I've decided to start posting more's not like I don't sit on my computer everyday ANYWAYS!
So to start of I would like to share Grace Potter and the Nocturnals. This song is totally stuck in my head, and I LOVE it.  Her voice is so amazing.  And the drummer has the BEST mustache I have EVER seen ;)  Hope you enjoy!

This is a funnier video....them in their hotel room.  LOVE how the drummer has a hairdryer in his belt.  They still sound amazing.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Prompt #3

So I kind of strayed away from prompt #3....and followed this post instead...and decided to try out a new movie store as I swear I've rented all the new releases and decided to rent something different.  The Videodrome is pretty amazing.  It's a little small, but that doesn't stop them from carrying all kinds of different genres.  The girl that helped me was amazing, and helped me pick 4 movies...3 of which I've already watched, and 1 might have become a new favorite!

I rented

Still haven't watched Rockers yet...The Apartment was SO adorable!  I freaking LOVED it.  Once Were Warriors was super intense, but a really good movie.  And Night and the City wasn't my favorite....I fell asleep during it twice, and it didn't really seem to have a huge point. 
I will definitely be back...but because it's so far away (just off Whyte behind the Iron Horse) I'm scared of the late fees I will incur...they however also offer delivery and then you can keep the movies for a month...this could make my relationship with my tv even that even possible?!


My lovely Lindsay taught me to crochet yesterday.  And I think for my first time ever, I did a pretty fantastic job!  I am planning on making this lovely floor mat from our Summer Camp, but thought I should get a little familiar with crochet before I started...turns out it's SUPER easy, and I think I might love it more than knitting...

Hope you're all having as lovely a weekend as I am!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Summer Challenge

I found the cutest support local summer challenge on Cute Stew  thanks to Pamplemousse!
So it's already two weeks in, but crazily enough I completed both of the prompts last week.  First was to try a local coffee shop, and the second was to try a local restaurant!  Seeing as I didn't take any pictures, I figured I would share some links, and then officially hop on the bandwagon next prompt. 

Tuesday I went on a date to Transcend Coffee.  The coffee shop was super cute.  They even brought me my tea after it had finished steeping, and gave us free croissants.   The guy didn't work out, but I will definitely be back to Transcend.  It was nice and quite, a change to Remedy Cafe across the street, which is also one of my favorite cafes, but sometimes really loud and SUPER busy!

Then on Wednesday, I went to Sugar Bowl (which is just around the corner from Transcend) for dinner with 3 of my favorite ladies :).  They have the BEST popcorn.  I had mac and cheese, wasn't my favorite, but their chili is super tasty.  Is a super cute restaurant, and I really wanna try their brunch.  I've heard they have fab cinnamon buns.

I'm excited to see where else this challenge leads me! 

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Lilith Fair

After a long day of helping her move (well supervising the movers...and unpacking), my good friend and ex roommate Jessie and I went to see Lilith Fair in Calgary on Sunday. It was a nice break to being in a house with no running water, as they were completely gutting the basement of their new home (well it's about 100 years old, but new to them!)  We had a MARVELOUS time!!!
Despite literally being in a cage...this was the view from our blanket....I still can't believe that's where they put us, but we managed to have a blast anyways. 

We got the chance to see Sheryl Crow
and Erika Badu, and Colbie Calliat (sp?) We left before Sarah came on, it was late and SOOOO hot. 
This guy however was a little grouchy about the beach ball almost hitting him and his laptop...WHO BRINGS A LAPTOP TO A CONCERT?!?!?!?!?
The rest of the crowd seemed to enjoy the beach balls.
We also made some friends, who kindly lent me an umbrella to keep my pasty skin out of the intense sun.  THANKS LADIES :)
After Lilith Fair Jessie and I had a bit of a run in, but managed to escape to Dairy Queen alive.  The two of us will giggle over that event for a long time...some people are just NUTS.
Then Monday I had a lovely lunch with my friend Terra at Oolong.  We had super yummy iced tea, and shared some tasty food.  
I miss Calgary TERRIBLY, so it's nice to get back to visit!

Hope everyone is enjoying the midweek day off!  I know I REALLY am!

Happy Canada Day

So I've been super busy the last few weeks, and I am so glad to finally have a day totally to myself! 
Today Canada celebrates it's 143 birthday.  And to celebrate I thought I would share some of my favorite Canadian artists.  Click here to see the playlist.

Going to share my past weekend adventures later today!  Have a lovely Canada Day everyone :)