Saturday, July 3, 2010

Summer Challenge

I found the cutest support local summer challenge on Cute Stew  thanks to Pamplemousse!
So it's already two weeks in, but crazily enough I completed both of the prompts last week.  First was to try a local coffee shop, and the second was to try a local restaurant!  Seeing as I didn't take any pictures, I figured I would share some links, and then officially hop on the bandwagon next prompt. 

Tuesday I went on a date to Transcend Coffee.  The coffee shop was super cute.  They even brought me my tea after it had finished steeping, and gave us free croissants.   The guy didn't work out, but I will definitely be back to Transcend.  It was nice and quite, a change to Remedy Cafe across the street, which is also one of my favorite cafes, but sometimes really loud and SUPER busy!

Then on Wednesday, I went to Sugar Bowl (which is just around the corner from Transcend) for dinner with 3 of my favorite ladies :).  They have the BEST popcorn.  I had mac and cheese, wasn't my favorite, but their chili is super tasty.  Is a super cute restaurant, and I really wanna try their brunch.  I've heard they have fab cinnamon buns.

I'm excited to see where else this challenge leads me! 

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  1. thanks so much for joining!! Sugar Bowl sounds like my kind of place :D