Thursday, July 1, 2010

Lilith Fair

After a long day of helping her move (well supervising the movers...and unpacking), my good friend and ex roommate Jessie and I went to see Lilith Fair in Calgary on Sunday. It was a nice break to being in a house with no running water, as they were completely gutting the basement of their new home (well it's about 100 years old, but new to them!)  We had a MARVELOUS time!!!
Despite literally being in a cage...this was the view from our blanket....I still can't believe that's where they put us, but we managed to have a blast anyways. 

We got the chance to see Sheryl Crow
and Erika Badu, and Colbie Calliat (sp?) We left before Sarah came on, it was late and SOOOO hot. 
This guy however was a little grouchy about the beach ball almost hitting him and his laptop...WHO BRINGS A LAPTOP TO A CONCERT?!?!?!?!?
The rest of the crowd seemed to enjoy the beach balls.
We also made some friends, who kindly lent me an umbrella to keep my pasty skin out of the intense sun.  THANKS LADIES :)
After Lilith Fair Jessie and I had a bit of a run in, but managed to escape to Dairy Queen alive.  The two of us will giggle over that event for a long time...some people are just NUTS.
Then Monday I had a lovely lunch with my friend Terra at Oolong.  We had super yummy iced tea, and shared some tasty food.  
I miss Calgary TERRIBLY, so it's nice to get back to visit!

Hope everyone is enjoying the midweek day off!  I know I REALLY am!

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