Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Tune Tuesday - April Showers

Sorry for my is in the last few weeks, and that means 8 bajillion things to get done.  To make up for it, I've made you an April playlist.  This one's a lot more mellow than the last.  Hope you enjoy it!

Oh, btw, the other Pinback album I found was even better than the first.  This song is my favorite!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tune Tuesday - Pinback

So to be quite honest, I don't even know how I ended up in possession of a copy of Pinback's Autumn of the Seraphs, but it's been playing over and over in my car for the last month...I only took it out yesterday, because I realized I also had a copy of another one of their albums and thought I should give it a try.  You know be fair to other cds in my possession...

I was trying to pick my favorite songs...and realized I kind of just love the entire's got a good balance. But I really recommend listening to #3, 6, 9 and 10...and maybe 11...Here's the whole album, hope you enjoy!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

I ♥ Youtube

Eeek this is the coolest thing ever!!!

My good friend Mik posted a pretty hilarious video on youtube this should definitely watch this :)

I've spent the rest of the weekend watching The Vice Guide to Travel. This is pretty much the most awesome show I have ever seen, especially since I started with the one about North Korea.  Best journalists EVER...or maybe the stupidest.........
Here's all 3 parts of The Vice Guide to North Korea.  (They're about 20 minutes each...but well worth the hour!) You might have to click 'skip this ad' to get the video started.  

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tune Tuesday - Jeremy Larson

So today marks the release of a bunch of fantastic albums.  But this one really deserves a mention!  They Reapear is available for download here, and even better yet, you can listen to the whole thing before you decide to buy (but it's only 12$ so it's really a steal anyways!)

As it just come out, there isn't a lot on youtube as of yet, so I encourage you to click the link and listen away, but here's one of his new songs :)

Here's a the only video I could find of him.  It also happens to be my personal favorite, from an earlier self-titled album.  

You should also check out Mother Mother's Eureka.....I cannot wait till I get to see them on the second...SO EXCITED!

Any new albums to share?  I can always use new music :)

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Hey Jude

So my very good friends Terra and Rob became parents last weekend, and little Jude Alder is pretty adorable.

He's a pretty big boy, coming into the world at almost 9 lbs, but that's 9 lbs of pure adorableness! 

Who couldn't love this precious face?! He already has enough hair for a little faux hawk, and the most pinchable cheeks ever! I can't wait to get to meet him in April!  So sad he lives in Calgary, because I would cuddle him all day if I could! Congrats Terra and Rob!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tune Tuesday - Siskiyou

So I did end up going to a concert last week!  Sadly it was not Hey Rosetta. Instead I went to see what I thought was the Weakerthans, but turned out to be Jim Bryson with the Weakerthans band (they were accompanying him so support this new album).  It wasn't the best concert I've ever been to, but I already caused a bit of scene on Twitter sharing my opinions, I will leave it at that. It was not however a waste, as I discovered a new band.  It's a collaboration between former Great Lake Swimmer's band member Colin Huebert, and Erik Arnesen who still plays for GLS. It's a pretty fantastic first album, and they did an amazing performance. Never Ever Ever Ever Again is my favourite song so far...and not only because they added the saw to one of the many instruments making an appearance on this album.  I think I counted like 10 different instruments during their performance. It was pretty awesome.  Especially the Melodica, I REALLY want one!

In other news I bought tickets to see System of a Down with my friend Jessie the day after my birthday!  I am ridiculously excited! 
And hopefully I will be able to blog more often now that my midterms are done.  It was a rough couple weeks, but I survived! 

P.S Happy International Women's Day!  Did you do anything to celebrate?

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tune Tuesday - March Madness

To celebrate being one month closer to Spring...(it seems to be getting colder here instead of warmer...we're someone in the -40 region tonight. ICK!)...I thought I would share a new playlist. 
This playlist was inspired by the first song...which I have been listening to on repeat for like a week straight...

...I got in trouble because I never remember to turn down my stereo, so when I use my car starter in the morning, you can hear the music blaring out of my car...and apparently my brother didn't appreciate it @ 8 in the can actually hear the words from inside my's amazing I'm not deaf, I like to listen to music REALLY loud to drown out my terrible singing haha!

So in addition to this playlist I thought I would share a couple tracks from two lovely albums that got released in February. I've been so busy with school I totally forgot!

Radiohead's 8th album - The King of Limbs was released on the 18th (MP3 only), but you can grab the CD at the end on this month. I've only heard a few tracks, but I'm enjoying most of it. It's so mellow and lovely. So far I love both of these:

Also out this month is Adele's second album - 21. She's one of my all time favorite artists, the power of her voice blows me away every time. I'm not 100% impressed with the whole album, I think I need to listen to it a few more times, but her first single is amazing (thanks Terra!).

Have a magical week! I have my fingers crossed that I can score tickets to a show tomorrow that's sold out...wish me luck!

Any albums you're looking forward to for March?