Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tune Tuesday - Siskiyou

So I did end up going to a concert last week!  Sadly it was not Hey Rosetta. Instead I went to see what I thought was the Weakerthans, but turned out to be Jim Bryson with the Weakerthans band (they were accompanying him so support this new album).  It wasn't the best concert I've ever been to, but I already caused a bit of scene on Twitter sharing my opinions, I will leave it at that. It was not however a waste, as I discovered a new band.  It's a collaboration between former Great Lake Swimmer's band member Colin Huebert, and Erik Arnesen who still plays for GLS. It's a pretty fantastic first album, and they did an amazing performance. Never Ever Ever Ever Again is my favourite song so far...and not only because they added the saw to one of the many instruments making an appearance on this album.  I think I counted like 10 different instruments during their performance. It was pretty awesome.  Especially the Melodica, I REALLY want one!

In other news I bought tickets to see System of a Down with my friend Jessie the day after my birthday!  I am ridiculously excited! 
And hopefully I will be able to blog more often now that my midterms are done.  It was a rough couple weeks, but I survived! 

P.S Happy International Women's Day!  Did you do anything to celebrate?

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