Sunday, July 11, 2010

Prompt #3

So I kind of strayed away from prompt #3....and followed this post instead...and decided to try out a new movie store as I swear I've rented all the new releases and decided to rent something different.  The Videodrome is pretty amazing.  It's a little small, but that doesn't stop them from carrying all kinds of different genres.  The girl that helped me was amazing, and helped me pick 4 movies...3 of which I've already watched, and 1 might have become a new favorite!

I rented

Still haven't watched Rockers yet...The Apartment was SO adorable!  I freaking LOVED it.  Once Were Warriors was super intense, but a really good movie.  And Night and the City wasn't my favorite....I fell asleep during it twice, and it didn't really seem to have a huge point. 
I will definitely be back...but because it's so far away (just off Whyte behind the Iron Horse) I'm scared of the late fees I will incur...they however also offer delivery and then you can keep the movies for a month...this could make my relationship with my tv even that even possible?!

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  1. I haven't seen any of those movies...but maybe I should. Your blog is super cute!! Hope RVA Summer Camp is going well. I'm super duper behind. Have a lovely day!