Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I ♥ Science - Kevin Van Aelst

I found the picture of these amazing mitosis donuts  on Kyla's blog and they totally made my day.  Despite hating my genetics class, this is exactly what I have been learning. Kevin Van Aelst has a pretty amazing take on photography.  It makes the nerd in me, giggle extra hard :)

Don't these chromosomes look delicious?! It's kind of the crazy how close this one looks to an image in my textbook.....although those ones are a little less sugary haha.

SCIENCE IS FUN...yea I just said that...I spent the last two days at the WISEST Choices conference, an opportunity for Grade 6 girls to get exposed to the awesome that is science. I am getting SO excited to be closer to the day when I get to teach!...although I do have to say that elementary school is really starting to appeal more than the original plan of high school.

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