Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tune Tuesday - Freezing Man

I had so much fun at the first ever Freezing Man Festival on Saturday!  Incredible artists mixed with crazy rides and lovely friends!  Sadly I didn't make it through the whole concert due to a little too many rides mixed with a few too many drinks....but what I did see was AWESOME!  Here are some tracks of the bands that played!  I can't wait till next year :)

Sorry for the quality...I didn't make it till Stars took the stage, and serious kudos to Amy for doing a 45 minute set, 8 months pregnant in 4 inch heels (...they were the prettiest shoes EVER). My friend got their set list, and we all bought shirts and got them signed afterward...I have a ridiculous collection of band tees...I try and get one at every show!

It was so good to hear live music again!  Hitting up Michael Bernard Fitzgerald in a few weeks!  I lurve live music :)

I will post pictures tomorrow!

btw...I've given up on Movie Mondays...I don't like writing them, it feels like a book report...PLUS I got film for my instax mini, s I am going to be hopping on the 52 weeks of instax boat!  I can't wait to start snapping pictures with it!!!!!!!

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