Monday, February 7, 2011

Freezing Man in Pictures

OMG...I had SUCH a good time on Saturday! So much music, spinny rides and lots of lovely friends! 

These 3 have become my concert buddies! Erin and Jeremy are sometimes accompanied by their adorable children...we always have a blast together!

We decided to add one more to the mix...I think she might get addicted to concert going....(fingers crossed!) The more the merrier!

And the rides....soooo much funnnn!...Jenn didn't like going on this with me so much.....I wouldn't stop the spinning, and since we were the only people on the ride, they kept it going and going and going and going....There was also some swings!

I also ran into my brother and his friends, and we took a spin on the Gravitron...probably not the best idea when booze is in the mix...HOWEVER

 Greasy delicious pizza made everything better! I was a truely magical night!

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