Monday, February 21, 2011

Tune Tuesday - Mother Mother

*I got a little excited and accidentally posted this a day! Tune Tuesday is Tune Monday this week hahaaha*

From the first time I heard Mother Mother on the radio I was hooked.  O My Heart was my favorite song for months and months, and then I finally got a chance to see them open for Matthew Good 2 years ago.  They've come a long way and are releasing their 3rd album - Eureka on March 15th.  I talked Carla into going to their upcoming show with me...and due it being at a crummy venue in Edmonton we decided to roadtrip it down to Calgary!  I cannot WAIT till April! 

Here's the first single off their new album...I am in love.  I cannot wait to hear more!

'oh you're a handful - I forgot about handfuls' made me giggle so much when I heard it.  And now I just want to say 'It's like paradise - spread out with a butter knife' all the time...I think it might become my new catch phrase :)

Here are a couple other songs that I love by them :)

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