Friday, February 18, 2011

Life is Like a Mop

So last week my bestie Sarah and I were visiting our friends Lindsay and Ryan and their beautiful daughter Cassia.  Lindsay started talking about their cat Riot, and how he really likes to rub up against dirty mops.  The conversation went on for at least 10 minutes, and Sarah started to get this really awkward confused look on her face. Then all of a sudden, Sarah goes, Ryan that is REALLY creepy.  Turns out instead of hearing Riot...Sarah heard Ryan.  And for 10 minutes thought Ryan had a weird mop fetish, and could not for the life of her figure out why Lindsay was sharing this with us.  I laughed for at least 10 minutes, and actually every time I think about this, it makes giggle.  Ryan decided to share this video with me as a kind of made my day :)

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