Sunday, January 9, 2011

So I have a crush...

on a really cute boy....and with a date proposition like this, how could I not?!
Him: I'm gonna take you to Swiss Chalet on a hot date. I can only do this at 4:30pm in the afternoon.
Me: shall I bring you a cane?
Him: oh this will be a kinky date?
Me: isn't that what swiss chalet is all about?!
Him: Let's just skip dinner and get straight to the visit to Sears on a Tuesday, say mid-morning?
Me: can we do laps around the mall before hand?
Him: mall walking? Hell yeah!

btw...this date pretty much sums up my trip to Ontario...with trips to Wal-mart (ICK), Goodwill and the Dollar Store in addition to Sears, doing many laps of the worst mall ever, and a early dinner at Swiss Chalet.  Oh how I love visiting my Nana :)

Also, I just got tickets to see Michael Bernard Fitzgerald, this super cute singer from Calgary...and this song totally came on in my car right after I got to spend some time with said cute boy....


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