Friday, September 3, 2010

30 Days of Me - Day 12

How I found out about blogger...and why I have one.

I do NOT remember how I found out about blogger.  I think it popped up in my google search for blog sites?
I started this blog in 2007 (and then resumed in 2009) to showcase my knitting.  But well I suck at finishing things, so I lost interest, and time and quit.  I've had like 4 blogs......they all failed...but then a friend of mine was showing me a few blogs she read regularly, (A Beautiful Mess and Angry Chicken)  and I got inspired to pick it up again. And this time I was dedicated to keeping it up. Really it was to avoid doing homework....And now I update it because my friends keep asking me to write more so they had something to read at work...(who knew they cared? hahahahaha).

Oh...and you should check out this friend Carla just posted it on my Facebook page...and I'm kind of IN LOVE!

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  1. I'd be honoured to have you post it haha :-) Thanks for visiting