Sunday, September 12, 2010

30 Days of Me - Day 19

Nicknames and why.....oh wow there's a lot.....and they're all AWESOME......
Starting at the beginning...
1. Nicholls - My last name, there were 3 Kristen's in my class in Elementary, so even my teachers called me Nicholls.
2. Pickles - Because it rhymed with Nicholls.
3. Picks - Short for Pickles (My friends in Junior High actually called my house and asked for Picks)
4. Sir Picks A lot - don't even ask, I think they just liked to give me bad nicknames
5. Krustonian - .....your guess is as good as mine
6. Krusty - ...even my godson uses this one (I think it's short for Krustonian, but I'm not really sure......), he's 4 and he thinks it's HILARIOUS....Thanks Sarah and Kylee...
7. Krusty Queen of the Lame-O Treehuggers - or something like friend Colin combined a lot of things he liked to call me into's quite the title.
8. Kris - I don't like this one...but people just like to shorten names.
9. Christine - because that's what my name sounds like when you're french...
10. Princess - because my Nana still thinks I'm that special :)
11. Captain Complaino - This is one of my favorites.  
Update - 12. Krystal Nipples - Thanks Terra, how could I even forget this one?!  It even has a wicked story behind it!!!!! (I actually received a package mis-addressed to Krystal Nepples (BEST TYPO EVER!) @ work, but it transformed itself to Krystal Nipples for obvious reasons).  THANKS PEMBINA :) I EVEN HAVE A T-SHIRT!!!!!!

That's all I can remember...if you remember anymore leave a comment and I'll add it...Oh how I LOVE nicknames hahaha

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  1. You forgot a very important one - Krystal Nipples!