Monday, February 15, 2010

Too Many Decisions

I made a decision to go back to school last February...after carefully reviewing all my options I chose a combined Bachelor of Science and Education in French at the Faculté Saint Jean of the  University of seemed to give me the most options in the end as I really hate having to make up my mind.....

I'm now almost done my first year, and have to apply into the Education program...and choose my major/minor. I know I'm going to choose a major in Biological science....but I have to choose between Math and Physical sciences (Chem and Physics) for my minor. I DO NOT KNOW WHICH TO PICK!!!  

Math allows me less class time because there aren't labs that come with Chemistry and Physics's probably the easier choice in terms of difficulty
However if I choose Physical sciences I can take pre reqs for Med school...Naturopathy actually (far fetched possibility, but it's what pushed me to go to school in the first place).  This means I'll probably have at least 2 labs each semester for an extra 6 hours of class every week....way more work, more fun I supposed (chem labs mean possible explosions and crazy concoctions!), but also more options when I'm done school.  

I really don't know what to do....I'm totally happy with the option of being a high school science teacher (either bio and math or bio chem and physics) if I don't continue on to Naturopathy.  8 more years of school seems like a huge challenge at this point...but it would be nice to know that I can make that decision once I'm done. 

Do I take the easy route, or the route that gives me the most options?  

My good friend Cayden and I :)

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