Friday, October 15, 2010

Movie Review - Leaves of Grass

I just finished watching a movie that I was quite surprised by.

I LOVE Edward Norton, but some of his less known films tend to be a bit off the wall.  This movie was simple but thought evoking.  About estranged twins living completely different lives, and the events that unfold when they're brought back together.

Norton plays both twins, and I LOVE the way he portrays Brady (the Hick).  The character Bill (the Academic) took awhile for me to care for, but in the end I was quite fond of him. 

I especially enjoyed Keri Russell's character Janet, which I didn't think would happen because I've hated Keri since her days on Felicity. I also enjoyed Bolger played by Tim Blake Nelson.  

The title of the movie is taken from a Walt Whitman poetry collective with the same name.    And it relates back to Janet's character being a high school English teacher, and a conversation she has with Bill.  I love Walt Whitman...He's a pretty amazing poet.  You can read the Leaves of Grass in it's entirety here (oh how I love the internet!). favorite part of the movie was a song that came up a couple times...and then played over and over and over when the movie ended (looped on the menu) while I was taking a nap. 

You can skip ahead 1 minute if you don't want to catch the end of the movie..however it was really nice dialogue..... I should really get to studying...however watching movies, napping and updating my blog seem like much better ways to spend my time ;)

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