Monday, November 15, 2010

Movie Monday - The Lookout

So this movie came out in 2007, but it somehow missed my radar.  It was on TV last week...I can't remember which channel, and something about it caught my eye so I recorded it and saved it for when I had some free time.   SO GLAD I DID!  I love Joseph Gordon-Levitt to begin with (If you haven't seen Inception you should get on it!), but the plot was really surprising.

The story is about a young promising athlete (Chris) who's life is changed by a terrible car accident. Having caused serious damage to his frontal lobe, his new social awkwardness and night job at the bank makes him a suitable aide to some big time gangsters, where he becomes the lookout.

Jeff Daniels who plays Chris' blind roommate and mentor Lewis does a phenomenal job.  I almost enjoyed his character more than Chris.  Isla Fischer leaves a little to be desired in her role as Chris' love interest...she's not one of my favorite I might be a little biased. I think the movie could have survived without her character.  The bank robbers aren't as seductive as they should have been, however Matthew Goode did a pretty good job making up for it , but Josephs portrayal of Chris completely made the film. 

The opening scene was by far my favorite, sharing the mating ritual of fireflies (?) which was kind of romantic.  However the conclusion of the movie totally shocked me.  If you haven't seen it you should definitely give it a watch.  I can't wait to see another movie with Joseph LG as the lead.  He is a pretty amazing actor!

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