Thursday, November 18, 2010

Why you dumpin' shit: This ain't yo house!

...I apologize in advance for how long this is...I had to split it up into two posts....
Okay so I probably had one of the most hilarious trips to Calgary ever.  Sadly I some how ended up with NO pictures of my lovely hosts Terra and Rob and soon to be baby Sprout...but I had a magical time with them, even if it was sporatic. Terra and I spent Thursday knitting up a storm and discussing my crazy ex-coworkers.   I LOVE YOU BOTH :) 

Friday I did some xmas shopping by myself as it wasn't really a day off for everyone.  BUT Friday night I got to visit my favoritest bunny EVER.  Isn't Pope the cutest?!?

He was a bit of an asshole when we lived together, but it appears the lovely Brenna has managed to win him over, and he let me pet him for like 10 whole minutes!...and take his picture endlessly.

Eventually I petted him into static craziness, and his crazy fur turned even more out of control.  He's so funny!

Then Brenna and I went for dinner for yummy vietnamese and then watched a random fireworks show and then spent an hour smelling and rating candles in Chapters.  The winners were Paddywax Library Collection . They seriously smell like the authors. 

Then we went and saw Megamind, which was a little disappointing to say the least...I was really hoping it would crack me up like Up and How to Train Your Dragon did, but alas, it was a mediocre animated of those ones that shows all the funny bits in the trailers...We however had a magical time.  As the title says, we discussed why it is appropriate to dump anything in a movie theater even though NO ONE would do that ANYWHERE else.  We laughed about this for awhile as I snapped pictures in an empty theater and dumped my disgusting popcorn on the floor...oooooooooops! It was so good to see my lovely Brenna. I would say more about our conversation but honestly I think I laughed myself into memory loss...the only reason I remember that much is because I sent myself an email to remind me haha.

Saturday I went for  coffee  with my friend Thea and we did a little more shopping :)

And then I went to dinner with 7 people I don't know and 2 ladies I love...and had the most randomly hilarious night of my life filled with oversharing, weird people humping and strange photoshoots (surprising not by us).  I made some lovely new friends, and even got to practice my drunk french!

Sunday I woke up @ Jessie's.  Her lovely fiancĂ© is pretty hardcore and was up painting their living room at 9:30.  Jessie had a little bit of a hangover, but jumped right into help, and I delegated from the couch while sipping some tea.  They have done so much to work to their house it's amazing.  Then we had lunch and took the puppies to the dog park.

All in all, it was an amazing 4 days.  I couldn't have shared it with better people, and I dont think I could have laughed harder...well maybe except on the drive home...but that's for tomorrow!

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