Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Movie Monday - Black Swan

Okay so this was probably the best movie I've seen all year...if you haven't seen it already you should do so asap!  I went with a couple of friends to an old theatre in Edmonton, and it totally added to the eeriness of the film.  The acting was phenomenal, the plot was intense but the costumes were exquisite. Especially the head piece Natalie Portman wore. I kind want earmuffs that look like that! I don't wanna spoil the movie so I'm going to keep this super short.  BUT GO SEE IT!!!!! It's hauntingly beautiful in every way!

...sorry this is late, I haven't opening my computer in over a week, and I'm in the Airport off to Ontario for a week. Tune Tuesday will be here tomorrow...this week is a little behind hahaha.
Did you have a magical Christmas? Mine was strangely amazing...

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