Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tune Tuesday - Indie Christmas

So I decided to put together a nice indie Christmas playlist.  Some songs are classics others are new...but I love them all, with the exception of the last song....and why did I add it you ask? Because I LOVE Zooey's voice in it...but I feel like it clashes with Leons...so I love half the song...and am confused by the other half...either way it was my favorite moment in Elf :)...so I pretend I love it anyways!

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Any Christmas favorites?!  Check back next week for a more classic Christmas playlist :)


  1. i'm a big fan of Stars's Fairytale of New York (the original by the pogues is good too): http://www.canyouseethesunset.com/music/xmas/34_stars_fairytale_of_new_york.mp3

  2. Thanks graham! That song is lovely :)