Monday, January 17, 2011

Movie Monday - The Fighter

So yesterday I thought I would venture out on the icy roads in ridiculously cold temperatures to go see a movie...and I'm glad that I did!  The Fighter was pretty fantastic, and not just because Mark Wahlberg was half naked for a lot of it!  In fact most of the time I was focused on Christian Bale's crack addicted character! I could not believe how well he depicted an addict, and it was even more amazing after seeing a clip at the end of the original Dickie Ekland.  I also think it's kind of fantastic that Mickey O'Keefe played himself in the movie...his glasses were fantastic!  To top it off a fantastic job by Amy Adams, one of my favorite females, and it's not hard to see why it got 6 GG nominations...and why Christian Bale got best supporting actor! other news I'm really disapointed that Black Swan didn't win Best Motion Picture...the Social Network was a good movie...but Black Swan BLEW me away...Very happy for Natalie Portman though, she really deserved best Actress! Did you guys watch the Globes? I hate award shows...I just read twitter instead!

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