Monday, February 1, 2010

Crazy February

School has been CRAZY...and I am not looking forward to the next two weeks filled with midterms and ridiculous amounts of homework...I cannot wait until Valentine's Day and Reading Week finally begins!  Until then I doubt I will have a lot to say...but here's a project I finished over Christmas for my friend Jenn.  It was a super quick knit!
I used Pattons's Classic Wool....I will update with the pattern, it seems to be lost in my mess of books and notes! 

  I have not accomplished any knitting since....hopefully I'll find some time over Reading Week!

OH!  And on a super happy friend Sarah and her fiance Emmy are running off to Jamaica in a week to get married...the wedding was supposed to happen in May but they've decided to move things up and make it a little more romantic! I was originally supposed to be a bridesmaid I have taken it upon myself to throw  her a last minute stagette this weekend so I'll post some not so incriminating photos after it's all done with and I've recovered! 

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