Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Hello from Kelowna

So I've decided to stay an extra day in Kelowna to avoid the crazy snow storm that hit Alberta yesterday...I just took off my snow tires, and really didn't want to end my vacation in the ditch.  It's been a lovely vacation but I am enjoying my last day of piece and quiet as my brother and his friends took of today to make the most of the snow and get in one last day of skiing before summer.  
My little brother and I went on a ton of adventures, including about 5 rounds of mini golf, and a ton of go-karting!  And he wanted to go swimming in the lake, but after getting his feet wet we decided it might be a little chilly....

But the best of my adventures was roaming around downtown by myself yesterday and getting in a little shopping.  I found this cute little home store...and they had the CUTEST I bought 5...I have a serious stationary problem.  I also bought some delicious tea, can't wait to taste it.  Everything in the store was beautiful.  You can check out Olive & Elle Boutique here

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