Tuesday, June 22, 2010

...Can't Sleep

I haven't been sleeping well again...I'm going to really regret this in the morning...
but for the first time in about 6 years I actually sat down and wrote out something.  Poetry used to be a HUGE part me, since I was a little kid, but somehow in the stress of life, I forgot how freeing it is to get ideas out on paper....Anyways, I thought I would share it:

I envision it as a tiny meadow
A clearing prayed for after miles and miles of endless cover from the sun.
A silent, still, breathless place
A vast plane of sun and warmth
Utter perfection compared to its surroundings
A gateway to everything anyone could dream
To me, it's a sanctuary from the tangled mess that exists around this ismple elegant place.
To me, it's a tiny meadow surround by a dark, mysterious forest.

...anyways my battery is about to die....goodnight :)

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