Sunday, June 13, 2010

RVA Summer Camp!!!

So excited to start RVA Summer Camp tomorrow!  Lindsay and I have decided to take this on for the summer.  I've been wanting to get back into took a lot out of me and I really want to make the most of my free time in the summer, especially since my skin + too much sun = really sad Kristen...this might save me a few sunburns...You still have time to sign up...but today is your last chance! Info is here, or you can go sign up directly for 60 bucks here.


  1. Hey Kristen:

    Thanks for creating the RVA summer camp twitter list! Also I just wanted to say hi because my name is also Kristen and I am orginally from Edmonton (I now live in Calgary)!

    Lookign forward to seeing your projects and have a great!


  2. Hello! :)

    I am having a giveaway if you're interested.. give it a click ;D

    My name is Polly.. nice to meet you :)

    Giveaway post: