Saturday, June 12, 2010

Handmade Stuffies

Lately I have just been obsessed with finding different handmade stuffed dolls and animals!  Some of my favorites, that I plan on owning ASAP (although some are a little pricey......)

These dolls from WildCotton Gifts are precious and only 25 bucks!

These little guys from Skunkboy Creations are SO adorable!  She even makes little owl cake toppers!!!!  I think I wanna order the Norwal for a friends birthday...she would absolutely LOVE it!  They are around 60 bucks. 

And these from Jess Brown are absolutely stunning.  They're a little pricey, starting at 136 for the dolls.  However the bunnies are only 45. She even sells changes of clothes!! I love the shoes on the last doll. They are so pretty!

Bit of Whimsy offers patterns for all kinds of DIY rag dolls for 9 bucks. These are SO adorable.  I love the hair!!

These ones are adorable and the cheapest by far only 15-20 bucks!  Nancy & Stitch does dolls and animals!  

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