Saturday, June 5, 2010

Over The Top Fashion Swap

Last Saturday, Lindsay and I went to a unique event held at the Winspear.  The largest clothing swap I have ever witnessed, topping 750 people.  It was FANTASTIC!  We got there around 11, and stayed till past 7.  

We got to sampled Belinis, ate a delicious lunch from Careit Urban Deli and browsed a bunch of lovely handmade, and local vendors.  

Lunet Muse - Etsy / Blog
I bought a lovely purple ring from her...she makes beautiful pieces!
Danni Boii - Etsy
All of her gift bags were made out of newspaper.  They were SO pretty! 
 Seller Unknown (if you know please leave a comment)
...The crocheted necklaces are to DIE for!

Seller Unknown
Such a unique idea...they're reversible...geek one day, chic the next!
 Seller Unknown
Wild Cotton Gifts - Facebook
I want one of these for myself!  Turns out the seller is my junior high best friend's little sister!   

(Photo Credits: Irene Austin Photography)
I also bought a lovely shawl for my friend Christine's birthday.  And really wanted to purchase this beautiful hand painted containers made by women in Afghanistan.  Their website isn't working yet, but I hope they post things soon because I really want to buy one for my mom for her birthday.  
Of course the most fun...also a bit intense part was the swap.  They had 50 racks of clothes, and I scored a couple blazers, 2 purses, a couple shirts, some dresses,  and a skirt.  Lindsay got some awesome things as well!  We also got some glamour shots done...waiting to get them so I can share! In the mean time we took some pictures in the photobooth.

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