Friday, August 20, 2010

Fact Friday!

So this weeks fact is dedicated to my summer job, thanks to my new friend Kristi for thinking this one up (this could only end up being funny for the two of us).  So we discovered...the water cooler at said summer job has NEVER EVER in the history of me working there (6 years) has never been ever....and the scary thing is that I used it on a regular basis...EW...Kristi you had better find someone to take care of that now that I'm gone!
 (Kristi and I as the safety crew ) other news...according to Snooki (for those of you who aren't huge fans of terrible MTV television such as Jersey Shore, you can read about who she is here) the reason there are so many lesbians these days is because all men a jerks.....thanks for the update Snooki (...I am hardcore rolling my eyes.....)

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