Monday, August 23, 2010

30 Days of Me - Day 1

A recent picture of me was really hard to come by.....I never take pictures of myself, and the only ones people ever get are of me this is a picture of my bestest friend Sarah and I...apparently we both sport fantastically white teeth...(my teeth aren't the only thing that's porcelain white...holy reflective skin batman!)
as for 15 random facts......
1. I HATE mushrooms and olives...I've tried to love them but these will forever be on my dislike list...
2. I LOVE chips and popcorn...I could be so full and still finish of a huge bag of salt & vinegar chips
3. I love swings, especially in the middle of the night
4. My friend and I love driving around searching for deer in the middle of the night.
5. If you hadn't already guessed I LOVE THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT!
6. I don't like coffee but I drink it anyways for the caffeine...
7. I might secretly like the iPhone better than my BlackBerry...I feel like a traitor
8. I'm scared of bugs and the dark
9. I wish I had a pet bunny...(or old pet bunny)
10. I am terrible at finishing any projects I start....
11. I put on rain boots just to jump in puddles
12. I wish I could take better pictures..
13. I have ridiculously skinny fingers...
14. 2010 has been my favorite year to date
15. I own more sweaters than shirts.......I LOVE SWEATERS!!!!!!

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