Monday, November 8, 2010

Movie Monday - An Education

So I watch a ridiculous amount of the point where close friends make me pick things, cause I've watched almost all the new releases as well as the majority of everything else. So since I watch everything, I thought I would share some with you guys, and start a new feature.

This weekend I found a movie I had never seen, and REALLY enjoyed!  I had constantly looked at the case in the movie store, but always found something that appealed more and never bothered to pick it up.  But I came across An Education (2009) on Netflix (which still hasn't impressed me...but I never bothered to cancel...) and am so glad I watched it. 

The main character Jenny (Carey Mulligan) blew my mind.  Her assertiveness was impressive for a 16 year old girl, especially in the 1960's.  Olivia Williams played her teacher, who added another strong female to the cast.  Top them with the adorable Peter Sarsgaard, Rosamund Pike and Dominic Cooper to add some sex appeal and the most amazing wardrobe makes for one heck of a movie.

At first I was a little surprised at the plot.  Jenny's parents seemed to have no problem with their 16 year old daughter gallivanting with a man twice her age and I was kind of angry at where the movie was going, however towards the end things took a different turn, and I was able to continue enjoying the film.  I no longer felt worried for poor little Jenny, despite her having to learn some hard lessons.   Her personality added so much to the whole movie, I completely fell in love with her character.  She said the most innocently funny things, but also blew me away at times with some bold remarks for someone her age.  It didn't hurt that Carey Mulligan is also amazingly adorable.  I also loved the mischievousness of conman David (Peter Sarsgaard) and his scheming crew.  They really managed to seduce the audience as well as every character in the movie. Even luring Jenny's parents into their posh lifestyle.

This coming of age film, although a bit tame, was really well done.  The acting was sensational, and it made for some rather memorable scenes.  There was one really hilarious scene with a banana...and my favorite line of the movie said by Jenny:

'It's funny though, isn't it? All that poetry and all those songs, about something that lasts no time at all' ....she really knows how to cut a guy down hahaha.

But the costumes....I couldn't stop staring at their outfits.  Everyone looked stunning.  I really wish I could have lived in the 60's.  Everyone seemed so posh.  They even made smoking look sexy. 


Any movie recommendations?  I've been on a 60's movie kick lately...but I will watch pretty much anything...

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  1. Thanks for the heads up! My fingers are crossed for a hoodie! :)