Sunday, November 7, 2010


Those who know me know I have a weird obsession with zombies.  I don't know why, but there's something comical about them wandering around, and then freaking out when they seem human flesh.  I like to joke around and every time it's foggy I tell who ever I'm with that the zombies are coming...I can just picture a huge mob of them emerging from the fog trudging towards the city. 

ANYWHO...the reason I am posting is to tell you about this fantastically wicked ZOMBIE TV SHOW!  Yea you heard me. Weekly installments of ZOMBIES.  I just found out about it over at The Fiction We Live Thanks Kyla!
(doesn't she make a spooky zombie?!)
So this's called The Walking Dead on AMC and I'm in the middle of episode 2 as we speak and I am seriously in love...I LOVE this show!  You can watch old episodes on the AMC website...and yea it even works in CANADA!  YAY!

You should watch it so I have someone to talk to about it...seriously. It would make me REALLY happy :)


  1. Anytime Darlin!!

    Honestly this show is the best! Ever since the comics and books came out, and AMC picked it up as a series I have been waiting with baited breath!

    Sunday is my new favourite day :)

    XO. Kyla

  2. even though I probably won't watch the show, you can talk to me about it all the time! I very muchly enjoy your obsession with zombies!