Wednesday, January 12, 2011

So I should be unpacking...

....but my computer seems so much more interesting! I just realized I forgot about Movie Monday, so I think I'll catch up on that tomorrow! you guys actually read those anyways?

In other news I started back at school and it's terribly boring...thankfully I have some familiar faces in all my classes, so it makes things a little less dull.  I do however have a class which is requiring me to write 7 essays...I am NOT looking forward to this, but it will help me improve my french writing so yay for practice? 

ANYWAYS...I thought since I'm procrastinating that you guys might like some things you can do instead of what you're supposed to be doing as well, so here are some AWESOME DIYs!

Amazing earing DIY at Seablanket

This super cute Faux-Feather Headband at Big Box Detox

These amazing upcycled bracelets from At Second Street

Hope you are staying warm during this chilly week!

1 comment:

  1. you have 7 essays in your french class?!
    That sucks! We write 2 at home and then 5 different things in class but they're not full essays. Just sections I do believe. And then the final is an essay. Gross

    Jenn <3