Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tune Tuesday - Winter Videos

So we've been having ridiculous weather.  On the weekend we got over a foot of snow, and now the temperature is supposed to drop to around -40 with the windchill (that's the same in Fahrenheit...).  These videos seem appropriate for our arctic weather.

...the stereo in my car stopped working today...I think it's cause of the cold, but it makes me terribly sad.  Please let it get a little warmer soon!


  1. just stumbled across your blog and it is so lovely!

    i love the duet between ingrid and sara. they both have such etherial voices.

    i have a question about your layout (which i love!). i would really like to make mine three columns but can't figure it out! any suggestions?

  2. Oh my goodness, -40 is ridiculous. I love all your music choices and I hope your car stereo starts working again soon. Sending you warm thoughts.