Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tune Tuesday - La Musique française

So, I have put together a nice playlist for you guys, full of some wicked French music.  It was WAY harder than I ever imagined. Why? Because everyone here listens to American Pop.  Now I'm not trying to shit American Pop, it's fun to dance to at the bar, but when I hear the same 5 songs repeated in the mall, on TV, on the radio...it loses any appeal it might have. People here appear to care more about anything coming out of the U.S.  This saddens me, since French culture is kind of amazing.
Needless to say I have managed to come up with some stuff, most of which is kind of amazing even if you have no idea what they're saying.

Completely unrelated to my French playlist...I have never heard so many accordions as I have in this country. It's freaking AMAZING!  On the train, in the train station, on the side of the road, in malls. Accordions are EVERYWHERE. It might be one of my favorite things about this country...right up there with cheese and WINE!

I truly love it here...even if I'm broke and friendless. France is Freaking AMAZING

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