Friday, August 24, 2007

Had A Bad Day

So I've been really grouchy lately and I haven't been keeping up on my blog. I've actually finally gotten back to knitting, but everything I've been knitting is driving me insane. Either I don't understand what the pattern is asking...or I stop paying attention and loose half my stitches...I'm trying to finish my second sock...if it actually takes me a year to knit 1 pair I may have to find a new hobby ahhaah! And I'm working on something else, that I can't disclose until the SKP thing is over for fear of making my identity known. Speaking of which I need to get on my second package! OOO yarn shopping YAHOO!! I have some ideas already, so this will be fabulous fun! I'm so excited!

I was cruising around some other peoples blogs and found this cute little adopt a pet as you can see I adopted a Llama. Her name is Calpurnia, but because I changed the background colour you can't read the writing...oops....I was slightly mislead though. I was reading someone's blog...who's name escapes me...and I thought it said you can send sweaters and scarfs that you knitted with the yarn made from the adopted pet. Like little emails of pretend sweaters...anyways what she REALLY said was I wish you sadly to say no one will be receiving internet knitting sweaters from me... :(

Other than that not much to report, I finally got some batteries for my camera, so I should be able to put up some fun pictures, which should make this blog a little more exciting!

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  1. Sorry to confuse you!!! I soooo wish we could really send virtual sweaters!!!!! Wouldn't that be so cool if someone came up with that? Not me, I don't know enough to create something like that...maybe someday!!!