Thursday, May 13, 2010

Wii Fit Plus

I got Wii Fit Plus for my birthday and decided to try it out today.  To be quit was really boring.  I got EA Sports Active a few months ago, and it is WAY better.  It calculated my Wii Fit age, and at first I was at 35, not too bad.  But when I took it 20 minutes later I was at 24...really don't feel like that was a measurement of anything useful!  I REALLY dislike the fact that you have to select a new exercise every time...with the exception of Wii Fit Plus Routines where they choose 3 in a row to target specific areas.  I did 20 minutes of exercise and honestly don't feel a thing.  After 20 minutes of EA Active I am usually a little sweaty and actually tired.  The first time I used it I could barely walk for two days it pushed me so hard.  The exercises are way more user friendly, and now that I have a  balance board, I'm excited to see what else I can do with it as EA was smart enough to utilise the balance board if it is available...
On top of being super boring....the voice of the trainer made me want to kill myself, plus her words of encouragement weren't very varied and she repeated the same things sometimes one after another. I may use it every now and then cause it's nice for a quick workout (I am the laziest human being 5 minutes of exercise a day is like a miracle)...but I doubt it will be on a regular basis...EA Sports Active is a way better "game." But now I have a balance board to go with it!

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