Thursday, October 7, 2010

100th Post AND I made cupcakes

Well it's technically my 112th, but I didn't count the 12 I made in 2007...and although these were made for Jenn's birthday, but what a better way to celebrate 100...than with CUPCAKES!!!!

Jenn always makes everyone cupcakes, so I thought I would surprise her with some really fabulous ones! 

...It took forever!...and I may have filled them a little full....(they were the HUGEST cupcakes EVER)....BUT

THEY WERE DELICIOUS! I was kind of surprised.....they tasted better than your normal Betty Crocker box mix...even in the eyes of Jenn the cupcake queen!...(she made me a McDonalds cupcake cake for my birthday!)

And they looked SO pretty on the inside :)  I was quite proud!!!!


  1. I love it! Seriously amazing!

  2. YES!!!! By far the coolest cupcakes ever.