Friday, October 8, 2010

Another week of music!

So this was a couple weeks ago now...(I forgot to upload the pictures)...but non the less worth sharing!  Carla and I went to a couple shows, and man was she a trooper!...First was Hot Hot Heat, (I love the lead singers hair!) with Hey Rosetta and this guy who's name I cannot remember, which is sad because it was the most entertaining set ever (Carla do you remember?!)...BECAUSE.....

There was a parachute!  Yea you heart me, a rainbow parachute that bounced balls, and then we all ran under it and had a fantastic dance party.  It was pure magic let me tell you.  There were also glow sticks, and a ridiculous amount of balloons.

And lets not forget the Grinch playing on a giant screen behind him.  His music was a little random...but he was so interactive.  It was a good way to get everyone pumped.  He like danced in the crowed, and climbed on the bar, and got us all singing along! 

My brother was kind enough to chauffeur us around, and after we dropped Carla off he and I decided to head out for some late night Chinese....he made me eat this....I've avoided it the last couple times we've been because well it looks like peaches and some creepy clearish white sauce (yea it looks like EXACTLY what you're thinking...)  but I sucked it up and ate it...and let me tell you, Deep fried Shrimp with Peaches and Salad Sauce is pretty freaking amazing. 

Two days later we decided to go see Caribou.  I can't remember who opened for them because well they just made a lot of electronic noise which gave me a headache......(picture is of Carla texting during a concert...WHO DOES THAT?!!!!....heheh jk...the opening band was really really bad................we needed to be entertained somehow!)

But Caribou was fantastic...the drummer was freaking amazing, I kind of wanted to just sit there and watch him for hours...I seriously love this band! 

P.S  Make sure you click the links...there's lovely videos in it for you :) 

P.P.S For those of my friends not a part of blog land...if you leave a comment it would be super awesome if you could maybe....put your name?  I have so many anonymous comments and no idea who any of them are from!

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